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                              If you are considering adding one of
golden beauties to your family,
                        there are some things you should know.

At Solid Rock Goldens, we have developed a serious breeding program based on dogs from
a "solid" background of health certifications.  We are most interested in providing your home
with the best in health, personality, and conformation that can be found.  

Golden Retrievers, like most breeds, have common problems that serious breeders work
hard to avoid.  
The three most common are Hip, Heart and Eye.  The best anyone can do is
have health tests on these specific areas and only use dogs that are healthy and sound in
these areas.  Although genetic testing is not perfect, you can greatly improve your chances of
getting a genetically sound puppy by buying a puppy from a breeder who breeds sound and
healthy dogs.  The larger the number of normal dogs in a pedigree the less likely it is that the
puppy will carry a inheritable disease.

The Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) is an organization that processes diagnostic
evaluation for hips, elbows and heart.  They use a board of doctors that examine the test
results from each dog and "grade" the specific test.  Hips are graded Fair, Good, and
excellent with only 3% of Goldens receiving an Excellent hip certification.  ANY passed rating
is healthy hips.  Hearts and elbows receive a rating of Normal.

Puppies can be checked for eye and heart abnormalities at their first veterinarian visit.  
Puppies cannot be checked for hip displasia until they are 6 months of age, which is why you
want to be sure the ancestors of your puppy are OK.

In-Breeding is a common practice among large breeders in order to try to produce the BEST
dogs.  It involves breeding parent to offspring or full brother and sister.  Line-breeding is a
similar method, breeding individuals that are closely related through a common ancestor.  
Both methods may cause serious genetic problems in health and temperament.  
Line-breeding, when planned by the most skillful and scientific breeder can produce good
results.  It is generally a good rule to look closely at pedigrees for the first 3 generations to
avoid these types of breedings.  We do not practice in-breeding or line-breeding.

Our puppies are born in a whelping area where we can hear every whimper of each puppy  
and we can keep a close eye on mommy and puppies.  From the day they are born, the
puppies are lovingly cared for.  It is very important to us that the puppies are well socialized
and accustomed to the noises of a household.  Goldens are very intelligent and easily trained.

We do not allow visitors to see our puppies until they are 5 weeks old, simply for the health of
mother and puppies.  Puppies can go home at 6 weeks of age after their first shot, although
we will keep them until they are 8 weeks old if you would like.  Puppies can be shipped at 8
weeks of age.  We take a deposit of $400 to reserve a puppy from a specified litter before
they are born.  We ask for a deposit of half of the puppy price to hold your choice of the litter
after they are selected at 4 to 5 weeks of age.

Wherever you choose to acquire your puppy, we recommend picking the parents that you
would like a puppy from and waiting on that puppy.  This puppy will be a member of your
family for many years to come and is well worth the wait.

Our puppies vary in price according to their pedigree, color, sex and whether they go to "pet"
homes" or  for "show" and "breeding" purposes.  Puppies will receive a "pet" AKC
registration unless they are to be shown or unless other arrangements are made with Solid
Rock Goldens.

If needed, we will ship your puppy.  Shipping rates may vary at different times of the year.
Generally, you can expect about $400 for shipping costs.  This includes necessary paper
work, a special Vet check, shipping crate, delivery to the airport and airline ticket.  We may
also be able to make special arrangement to deliver your puppy to you for a reasonable fee.

Your puppy comes with a Health Warranty.  We have done everything possible, as a serious
breeder, to prevent health problems in our puppies.  Unfortunately, dogs are like people and
could never be perfect.  We do guarantee that to the best of our knowledge your puppy is  
100% healthy before going home.   We do require that you visit your Vet within 72 hours of
picking up your puppy.  It is important to see your personal Vet and set up puppy visits.  Your
puppy will need booster shots at 9, 12 and 16 weeks.  Take the health records that comes
with your puppy when you visit your Vet.  Rabies should also be given around 16 weeks.  
Puppies are wormed at 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old and should be kept on a worming
schedule from your Vet.  This worming schedule should include heart worm preventative
beginning no later than 5 months old.  After the first 3 shots are given, your dog will need an
annual visit to your veterinarian.  Your puppy comes with complete "Puppy Instructions" from
"Solid Rock Goldens".  We are also available to share our experience to help you in any way

If a puppy does have a hereditary problem, we will take the puppy back in exchange for
another puppy.  Please call us immediately if you think something is wrong with your puppy.  
We ask for confirmation from your Vet and our Vet.  We practice considering the situation the
way we would want it to be handled if we were the buyer.  We have had very few problems
with a puppy, and have been honored to have excellent references and return customers.

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