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"Cara" is "Snowy's" sister.
They are  "English-cream" Goldens  
from  Romania
.  They come from a
long line of European Champions.  
Our Dogs
Are Held To "The Gold Standard"
COME!  SIT!  STAY! and meet these golden beauties
"The Lord is upright.  He is my ROCK, and there is no unrighteousness in Him."Ps. 92:15
Play time for Nikki, Cindy & Reagan
50 Champions in 4 generations
"Holly" from Gold Rush Kennels. Dad & Mom,
Grandparents and many ancestors champions.  
She now enjoys retirement with her new family.



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"Buddy-Boy" -  At 7 months of age
Loving, affectionate and full of energy
Wesben & Gold-Rush Bloodlines
42 Champions in 5 Generations
We raised "Annie" from a baby. She was a  sweetheart.
She is now living with her new family in Elkton, MD.
Annie has 40 Champions in 5 generations
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Cindy & Annie - Loving dispositions
41 Champions in four generations
"Honey" is a sweetie with a thick coat of wavy
hair.  She is very athletic, loves to run and retrieve.
She now lives at her new country home in NC
Holly & Nicki
Combined - 82 Champions in 5 Generations
Both Holly & Nicki have gone to new loving
homes during their retirement years.
Cindy & Nikki are
good friend
"Reagan" - Very affectionate and responsive
Strong body structure - Handsome flowing coat
Grandson of "Champion Lovejoy's Catchme If U Cancan"
He now lives on a horse ranch in CANADA
"Buddy-Boy" & "Beauty" at 4 months
Beauty's Pedigree: Out of 62 ancesters
in 5 generations,
53 are Champions
Our grandchildren with "Snowy"
Snowy is our "English-cream" Golden from
Romania.  We also have her sister, "Cara".  
They come from a long line of Champions.
"Snowy" as a 7 month old puppy with a bone.
An "English-cream" Golden from Romania.
Snowy now lives with 5 children
at her retirement home in Ohio
Princess was just that, a true princess.
She now lives with a family in Tennessee where
the new owner said, "She looks just like the
Golden I had when I was a child."
We are now receiving DEPOSITS to reserve your puppy
$400 to hold a future puppy from an "American Golden" litter
and $500 to reserve and English-Cream Golden puppy.


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What A Big, Beautiful & Winning Smile
Perdy is now retired from having puppies.
BEAUTY came to us at 8 weeks of age
53 Champions in 5 Generations.
She was named just right . . . .
The most Beautiful of them all
Champion Dad of
Holly & Annie
Snowy & Cara Retrieving & Playing Keep Away
We raised Bear from a 6 week old
puppy.  What a handsome man he
 Bear now lives with our
children & grandchildren in
Springfield, TN
CASSIE & SHEBA are both happy and active sisters.
We raised them from young puppies.  They are
BEAR'S sisters and they all have a Champion Sire
and many National and International Champions
They are now living in Ohio
"Solid Rock Cindy Lee" is very beautiful,
gentle, affectionate & fun loving.  She came
to our home at 8 weeks of age.  She has a
very sweet & kind personality.
Cindy now lives at her retirement
home in Great Falls, VA
"Sweet Carolina Ginger" is the daughter of
Cara & Bear and the sister of our "Holly2".  
She now lives with our children and
grandchildren in her new home north of
Nashville, TN
MERCY & GRACY at 3 months of age . . . .
Playing together in the snow.  These two girls
were both raised to train as therapy dogs.
"PRINCESS" is a beautiful princess
& is the daughter of Beauty & Sunny.  
"Mercy"- Very affectionate
and gentle . . . The daughter
of Cindy & Buddy-Boy
We miss our good "Buddy 1"
He now lives at his new home
south of Atlanta, Georgia, with a
family that dearly loves him
95 Champions In 6 Generations
Daughter of BEAUTY & SUNNY