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About Us
Serving You By "THE GOLDEN RULE"
Soon after we were married we acquired a "Heinz-57" variety
puppy at a yard sale.  It was a delight that grew up to look like a
red fox.  We worked with it a little every day and it soon became
a trick-show dog, performing over 9 different tricks before large
audiences of people on a regular basis.

As our children were growing up, we acquired at least 20
different pets:  dogs, cats, goats, squirrels, rabbits, ponies,
horses, and gerbils.  We have raised ten different breeds of
dogs over the past 35 years.

Now that our children are grown and have their own families,
they all have their own animals: Dogs, cats, chickens, goats,
cows, fish, rabbits, etc.  In fact, four of them also have Goldens
for pets and raise some puppies.  This means that 16 of our
grandchildren are being raised with goldens.  Goldens are great
family pets, get along with all ages of people and love children.

A few years ago, one of our
nieces gave us a Golden
Retriever.   We  were imme-
diately impressed that this
may be the most gentle,
caring, responsive and
intelligent animal we have
ever had.  In a very short time
we had fallen in love with this
exceptional breed. Since
then, we have been amazed
at their beauty, loyalty, sensiti-
vity, and over all good nature.

After having our first litter of Golden puppies, we decided to plan
a breeding program with the best possible bloodlines and health
certifications we could find.  We read a lot about the breed,  and
became aware of the importance of health clearances and
respectable pedigrees. We have become friends of other
responsible breeders who have taught us much through their
years of experience and their commitment to improving the
Golden Retriever breed.

Our nine "Gold Rush" beauties, (Holly, Annie, Nikki, Beauty,
Brandy, Robbin, Sunny, Buddy-Boy & Captain), that we have
raised at our home, were our first experiences with "show
quality" Goldens.  Their pedigrees are nearly solid champions.
We have learned first hand the difference that a quality pedigree
full of certified champions makes.  These Goldens were all
chosen as puppies from among litter mates for their
confirmation and good temperament.  They have perfect Golden
personalities.  They are outstandingly responsive and
affectionate.  They are full of energy, fun loving and enjoy having  
their ears and tummies rubbed and chasing a stick or a ball.

The Golden Retriever is the perfect pet companion to share all
of life with.  When you have experienced a well-bred Golden, you
will always want one at your home.  Whether you travel to the
mountains, the mid-western plains or to the beach, your fun
loving, energetic friend will be eager and ready to "Go".  They
also adjust well to quiet evenings at home or when visiting a
neighbor.  Your Golden will always remain by your side and will
become one of your "best friends" and permanent family

We are focused on raising the best quality Goldens possible.  
We have planned our breeding program around the best in
health soundness, breed standard, temperament, intelligence
and physical confirmation that can be found.  We are located in
the central part of rural Tennessee, near Nashville.  Our dogs
are part of our family life.  They enjoy lounging in the sun and
soaking in lots of TLC from us on a daily basis.  We have
extended Solid Rock Golden family members throughout the
United States and also in some foreign countries

If you are interested in adding a beautiful and loving Golden to
your family, please e-mail us (see "Contact" page) or call us by
phone (336-466-0615).  Since we ship nationwide, as well as to
some overseas locations, you need not let location deter your
interest in our Golden beauties.

We look forward to hearing from you:

Phone: 336-466-0615, 615-384-5412 or 615-390-8382
Solid Rock Goldens
Nothing compares to a Golden !
And no one compares to "Our Solid Rock"
Some of our best friends with
a "Solid Rock" puppy,
"Big John Wayne"
He is the ROCK of our Salvation - Bible