We at "Solid Rock Goldens" are always excited and
feel deeply rewarded to know that another loving &
caring family or individual has adopted one of our
Golden Retriever puppies.

It is always a delight to hear from these happy, satisfied
owners who are giving special love, care and
companionship to one of our Golden Retriever puppies.  

Over the years we have had many who have written or
called us, expressing their deep appreciation for
their Golden puppy, as well as for the caring,
honest and ongoing support they have
received from "Solid Rock Goldens".

Below you may read a few of the comments, notes and letters we have
received.  We hope you enjoy reading them half as much as we have.

Greetings Jim and Joy Kramm!
Thank goodness we found your
website. We just wanted to say thank
you so much to both of you for our
precious puppy Molly. It is great to
find a place and people that are  
knowledgeable, reputable, and
helpful.  Molly has brought so much
joy to our home.  She truly is a
beauty.  Again thank you so much!
-Mike and Justine Guzzardo-

We just picked up our English male from the airport.  He is just
wonderful.  I had been looking for an English Golden Retriever on the net
for hours and hours and came across Solid Rock Goldens.  After looking
at the parents, Snowy & Prince, I knew I had found the right site!  I was
kind of nervous buying a puppy off the net, but Jim & Joy truly put my
mind at ease.  You can tell they love their Goldens!  Sebastian was a
present for our 8 Year old son for Christmas.  Seeing his face when he
saw Sebastian for the first time was priceless.  That was the best present
for me.  Jim and Joy Kramm are wonderful to buy a puppy from.   If we
ever decide to get another Golden, I am definitely buying from them.  
Thanks Jim and Joy!"
Brandi from ......................... Jan. 16, 2009
I have been looking for months for a little English Girl.  I happened
on Jim & Joy's site last year . . . I came back this year and fell IN
LOVE.  They have absolutely beautiful stunning dogs.  VERY
informative and helpful in my search for the best.  They were so
very kind and honest with me, not just trying to sell a puppy.  
After speaking and e-mailing many times, I could tell these were
absolutely the kind of people I wanted to purchase our puppy from.  
You can tell they love and care for their dogs and puppies and want
the best for them.  I have purchased a Female from Holly & Prince
litter. (Hope)  When she arrived she was CLEAN, HAPPY,
HEALTHY and SO loving.  I cannot be more happy!  I will
definitely recommend them and be back in the future!  She is
absolutely stunning in personality and looks.  She stole my heart
the second I saw her off the plane!
Thank you Jim & Joy"
Sherry, from....................August 16, 2008
Bogey's personality is just
awesome and he is so intelligent
and loving.  Just a wonderful little
(51 pound) baby boy.  Bogey likes
to help me work in my office by
hanging out my window looking
for birds and squirrels.   He's a
wonderful loving boy.  He takes
every step I take.  He's just what
we wanted in every way.  We're so
happy with Bogey.  Thanks for all
your help and info on taking care
of him.    Mary Frances
Receiving The GOLDEN Treatment
"A word aptly spoken is as lovely as 'GOLDEN'
apples in 'PICTURES' of silver"  (Proverbs 25:11)
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